7 Reasons Why You Should Date a Gamer

I am quite a rare beast I think… I am a 35 year old, female, mum of two, gamer. I have been ever since I was little – I started on a ZX Spectrum and over the years I’ve owned a SNES, Playstations 1 to 3, a Wii, a Wii U and I currently play on a Playstation 4 and a Switch. My husband however, apart from the occasional game of FIFA, could not be less interested in video games. As a gamer, I thought it would be fun to compile a list of the top seven reasons why dating a gamer is awesome:

1. You can get involved too – it’s really fun!

I am a firm believer that anyone who says they don’t enjoy video games just hasn’t found the right game for them yet. There are so many games that couples can play together that are fun and bring out each other’s competitive or collaborative sides. A simple game for a beginner to play with an experienced gamer is Mario Kart. It’s fun and challenging learning the right tactics to win the race, plus you’re spending time together and bonding while doing so. Gamer dating can be really fun as there is always something to do – ask them to show you their favourite game and see their eyes light up! It’s a great hobby to get involved in – you will never be bored or fun out of things to do.

2. They are patient

Anyone who has taken 25 attempts to beat a boss on Super Mario Odyssey will have mastered a zen-like patience. Patience, in my opinion, is a massively underrated trait in a partner.

3. They make good parents

As they are fun-loving and kid-like at heart, gamers definitely make great mums and dads. Also, that being patient thing… well parents need that in bucket loads, trust me! Lots of kids, including mine, love Pokemon these days and I’m sure gaming dads would love to show their children this pokemon emulator. It’s fair to say graphics in Pokemon video games have come a long way since the 90s!

4. They are smart

Seriously, games involve a lot of problem solving… all those years of figuring out puzzles from a young age is bound to have an impact on a person’s intelligence. It has actually been scientifically proven that gamers are smarter than non-gamers.

5. You know where to find them

Their hobby is home-based (or if they are out it’s often at a gamer meet) so you won’t need to worry about where they are. Chances are the answer is on the couch!

6. They aren’t needy or high-maintenance

An amazing, cheap date night is a pizza, some beer/wine, and a two-player game. Gamers are quite often introverted – I know I definitely am. I would so much prefer this kind of date over a night at a fancy restaurant. I am also happy to let my husband pursue his hobbies (golf, mainly) as I can use the time he is away to catch up on some gaming.

7. It’s easy to find a gift for them

Some people are so hard to buy for… but gamers? You will literally never have any problem finding a present for their birthday or Christmas. Simply ask them for their game wish list or buy them credit for the Playstation/Xbox store. Sorted!


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