Why Updating Your Car May Save You Money

If you are one of the many people that are proud to be frugal, then the thought of buying a new car when you have one that drives probably seems insane, right? Well, what if we told you that if you choose to update your car, you may actually save some money?

The first thing you would probably do is tell us to shut up, but the truth is, that’s exactly what we are going to be saying to you today. 

When it comes to your current car, there are probably so many costs and things that you do not think of, and over the course of a year, you may find they really take away from your hard-earned cash.

In this post, we are going to be looking at a few things that you need to consider about your current car and why getting rid and getting yourself something a little newer may be one of the best financial decisions you make this year.  

We understand that this post won’t apply to everybody, but if you are driving around an old banger, then you should consider sticking around.


Ok, so, first of all, we are going to acknowledge that yes, a newer car will incur a cost, but there are some things that you need to look at which may cover that cost in the long run, and one of them is insurance.

When it comes to insurance, most people do not realise that newer cars can drive down the premiums on your insurance. While some people think that your payments are based solely on the age of your car, they are in fact, wrong. 

In some cases, many people have found that the cost of a new car sometimes can be covered by the insurance savings alone. Make sure you get quotes from lots of different insurers, such as One Sure Insurance.

Running Costs

Another thing you have to consider is some of the other running costs that you may be faced with from your older car.

If you drive a diesel car, you may find your tax is extremely high. You may also find that due to the age of your car, your fuel consumption is rubbish. Taking all of these into account, yet again a newer car would save you a ton of money. 

So What Should You Do?

If you have tallied up the figures and found it makes sense to update your car, then you have a few options. You can look at making a purchase privately if you have the cash readily available, or what is recommended, you could find a local established dealer.

There are companies all over like Martin Brothers Motor Company that will be able to give you what you need. We generally suggest you look at small to medium companies in your local area that seem to have a good reputation.

Doing this will ensure that you are not only getting a good deal, but you are also getting looked after, after you have made your purchase.


  1. This is good information and money-saving too. Haven’t heard of this before on Insurance can get you a new car. Thanks, It was good to read

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