What is a recruitment franchise, and how successful are they?

Technology is a wonderful thing. However, forget all those Science Fiction stories about it taking over the world! Organisations will always need people, which is why starting up a recruitment franchise is such a great idea.

So, what is a recruitment franchise, and why is this a popular way to become your own boss and grow your own business?

Recruitment franchise opportunities in a nutshell

One of the most time consuming and problematic parts of running any kind of organisation is finding and holding on to employees.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes find recruitment a headache, but for some niche industries, it can be a serious problem. This is especially true in sectors where there is a skills shortage, such as science, engineering and technology.

Here’s an interesting statistic that shows why recruitment services are so essential. It’s estimated that by 2030, there will be a worldwide shortage of new job recruits, a total of 85 million people!

It’s not surprising then, that employers turn to specialist recruitment agencies for help. These act as a ‘filter’, finding and evaluating job candidates. That way, the company recruiting can select an appointee from a shortlist and save time and money!

As this is such a vibrant and valued service, some successful and established companies support a network of recruitment franchise operations.

These are sometimes geographically strategic, such as providing recruitment services to a cluster of employers in one area or country. Other times, recruitment franchise operations find staff for a particular type of organization (More on this below).

The type of services offered by recruitment franchises also vary. There are ones that place permanent employees and others that provide temporary or seasonal staff on short term contracts. There are also franchise opportunities to provide agency personnel for one-off events or to fill immediate vacancies for short periods. Business branding also plays a key roll in employee recruitment for businesses. Branding is more important than ever with branding playing an important part of recruitment, making franchises and franchised branding, more important than ever.

There are even franchise business opportunities for recruitment companies offering all these services!

Let’s not forget about other types of franchises as well: restaurants, bars, other retail. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit but don’t want to start from scratch, looking into franchise opportunities is a great idea.

What kinds of niche HR franchises are there?

If you think about how diverse the world of industry and commerce is, it gives you a fair idea of how varied recruitment franchises are. In fact, just like management franchises, there are opportunities to start your own business in a wide range of specialities.

For example, you could focus on recruiting manufacturing staff or open a care franchise business to supply agency personnel. Browse a comprehensive franchise directory and you will see how bespoke these opportunities can be.

Do you need an HR background for recruitment franchising?

One of the advantages of starting recruitment-related franchises is that you don’t necessarily need to have a long career in personnel, management or a similar field. It is a popular start-up idea for people with a track record in Human Resources. However, if you find the right business model for you, then it’s really a franchise anyone can buy into.

The trick is to find the niche that suits your background, skills, preferences and ambitions. For example, if you have worked in agriculture, you may already have contacts and inside knowledge to start and grow a recruitment franchise in that field.

Benefits of a recruitment franchise agreement

Starting your own business in HR – whether it’s recruitment, training or management franchises – can be very satisfying. You are helping businesses to fill vacancies and trade effectively. However, you are also matching people looking for new jobs to an appropriate opening.

Recruitment is a great idea for anyone looking for a home-based franchise! You can do all the interviewing and client presentations online and run your business from behind a desk anywhere in the world.

That also means it’s an attractive opportunity for anyone who wants a low-cost franchise business. You don’t need premises, vehicles or expensive equipment.

Of course, to benefit from an established brand and successful recruitment business model, you will need to pay franchise costs. Fortunately, there is often a rapid return on investment in recruitment franchising.

That’s because your parent company will provide a wealth of knowledge and a substantial package of support that usually includes a ready-made website. You may even find they provide you with initial business leads and a database of candidates, as well as training, insurance and lots of other help to make recruitment services profitable.

Are you a people person?

Clearly, a recruitment franchise is a way to become your own boss with the assurance of valuable support. You also get a brand name that ‘opens doors’ for you with employers, and which job candidates will trust. The investment needed is manageable, and the returns can be considerable.

The only thing that is vital – if you want to find the best recruitment franchise – is that you’re confident and competent in dealing with people. After all, this is a franchising agreement that depends on you being happy to interact with clients and recruits all day, every day.


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