Ultimate Wedding Budget Checklist

Wedding planning can be stressful. There’s so much to decide before the big day, and you’ve always got to keep one eye on your budget. This guide will help you keep track of exactly what should be on your wedding budget. All you need to decide is how much of your budget you should allocate to each item. The guide also includes some useful money-saving tips. 


What you wear is important on your wedding day. From the perfect dresses to well-fitted suits, you want everything to be just right. Wedding dress shopping is definitely one of the more fun aspects of preparing to get married. Maybe you are looking for a modern wedding dress or perhaps classic wedding dresses are more your style. The good news is you don’t have to spend a huge amount of your budget on attire if you’re savvy. For example, you could buy a second-hand wedding dress and have it adjusted to fit. After all, it’s probably only been worn once. 


You need to look perfect on your big day. The morning should be spent pampering and getting your makeup and hair just right. However, don’t feel like you need to splash out on professionals. With a bit of practice, your friends and family can take care of it. Do a trial run beforehand and see how it turns out.


Cutting the cake is one of the best parts of your wedding day. Some couples go all out on a bespoke, five-tier wedding cake. However, you can get the same effect if you make it yourself or ask a friend. There are plenty of YouTube videos on how to make the perfect wedding cake. 


If you’re the romantic type, the ceremony is the most important part of the day. Some people will be looking forward to the reception more, and that’s totally understandable. But the ceremony is still super important. To save money, you can have the ceremony in the same venue as the reception. Just make sure you let the venue know beforehand. 


At most weddings, guests are offered free champagne at the start of the reception and free wine with the meal. After that, it’s up to you what you provide. You can put a certain amount of money behind the bar or ask guests to pay for drinks themselves. Some venues will even let you bring your own drinks, but you will often have to pay a corkage fee. 


Traditionally, friends and family will offer a gift at the wedding. You can write a list beforehand and ask guests to buy from the list. However, if you don’t want gifts, you can ask for a monetary donation towards the honeymoon. Alternatively, some couples decide to ask for no gifts or donations and instead get people to pay towards the wedding. This is a great way to cut down on costs. 

Flowers and decor 

Lots of couples are surprised at the costs of wedding flowers. If you want to decorate the whole venue with professional flower arrangements, it’s going to be expensive. However, you can cut costs by picking wildflowers or even growing them yourselves. Be warned, though; you need to plan well in advance if you want to do that. 


The wedding meal can be a big expense for customers. Most venues provide this as part of the package, and you can pick from a set menu. Alternatively, you can hire caterers if you want something specific. The wedding meal is one of the best bits of the day, so it’s worth spending a large part of your budget on this part. 


Music can really set the tone for the day. Having a live band while you walk down the aisle is optional. Then, you need to decide what to do for the evening’s entertainment. You can pick between a DJ or a live band, depending on what sort of atmosphere you want. A wedding DJ is a safe bet, especially if you are not into music. However, a live band can bring a huge amount of energy to the evening party. If you want to cut down on costs, hire a PA (sound system) and create a playlist yourself. 

Reception venue 

The reception venue is one of the most important decisions. This is the part of the day your friends and family will really enjoy. There are so many different options to consider, from traditional venues to providing wedding glamping accommodation where your guests stay in tents.

Photos and videos

You’re going to remember your wedding day for the rest of your life. However, that memory will be much stronger if you have great photos and videos. Of course, hiring a professional wedding photographer ensures that you will have amazing shots. When it comes to finding a good photographer, you could search for wedding photography Rhode Island or wherever your wedding is taking place. If you explain your budget, most photographers will work with you to tailor a package to your needs and budget. However, if you’re on a really tight budget, you could encourage guests to take as many photos and videos as possible, then send them to you afterward.


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