Topcashback review… how I’ve earned over £1,700

Topcashback came onto my radar in 2013 and once I started using it, I have never looked back. I remember being cynical at the start as it seems too good to be true. But I am here to tell you that 6 years later, there have been no catches or downsides, only lots of extra cash in my bank account. You will see from the image above how much I have made over the years – over £1,700 and counting. All earned just by adding one extra click whilst doing online shopping for goods and services. Here’s my Topcashback review:

How it works

  1. Sign up to Topcashback (100% free and quick and easy to do)
  2. Whilst signed in, search for the retailer you would like to buy something from – there are thousands, including most big names like Amazon and eBay, even things like Haven holidays, insurance companies – almost anything you can think of
  3. Click ‘Get Cashback Now’ which will redirect you to the retailer’s website (it will open in a new tab)
  4.  Simply go about your shopping in the usual way and once you have placed an order, it should track in the ‘Earnings’ section after a short while

To make things even easier you can also add a browser extension to Firefox and Chrome which means that an unobtrusive little pop up appears in the corner of the screen if you are on a site where cashback is available. It has totally become second nature to me these days whenever I buy something to load up the Topcashback site.

How long to you have to wait for the money to be payable?

In my experience it varies a lot – for things like buying clothes you will have to wait at least until the returns period is over, because imagine if you got paid cashback and then returned the items – not cool.

For other things like utilities – take for example a broadband contract – it could be several months. Topcashback is definitely not a quick way to earn money, but if you are patient, there is lots of money to be made.

My Topcashback tips

Only buy things you would be buying already – it’s not earning money if you are only buying something because it has Topcashback. Get into the habit of always using it and the money really stacks up.

The way to earn the biggest bucks is to make sure you always use Topcashback when switching utilities – my two biggest ever cashback amounts were both with Virgin Media:

topcashback big earners

Other big earners for me have been breakdown cover, a credit card, mattresses (bizarrely), casino sites and holidays

You can boost your payout by opting for vouchers for retailers such as Amazon, but personally I like to receive cash into my bank account then I’m not tied to who I spend the money with.

Are there ever any problems?

It wouldn’t be a fair Topcashback review without talking about the problems that I’ve encountered. I’ve so far made 270 purchases through Topcashback and the following things have happened:

About 10 times, my cashback has been declined. The main reason in my experience is that I have used a voucher code (sometimes voucher codes are allowed but if so, they will be listed on the retailer page on Topcashback). Or sometimes it is because I have returned something. If you are still not sure, I have found the customer service team very helpful (if not a little bit slow).

Perhaps 3 times my cashback hasn’t tracked – once again, the customer care team have always solved this for me.

The only mildly disappointing experience I had was when I didn’t get my cashback as the retailer (House of Fraser) went into administration. However, it was only £6 and was just a bonus as it was money I was spending anyway.

To conclude my Topcashback review

I hope you are in no doubt now that once you start earning money with Topcashback you will never look back – the amount of extra cash in my bank account is proof that it is. If you have any further questions or concerns, please ask me and I would be happy to help.

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  1. Thanks for this article. TopCashBack is just coming in France, and i was looking for news about it.

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