Spending Less on Big Buys

When it comes to saving money, we often focus on our smaller, everyday purchases. Food shopping, energy bills, self-care products – these are all places where you can save a great deal over time by scraping and finding the best deals to make use of. However, what about when it comes to bigger purchases in life? At some point, we all have to commit to these expenditures, whether it’s buying a house or a car, treating yourself to that once-in-a-lifetime holiday or refurbishing your kitchen. All these examples are ‘expensive’ outlays, and yet they’re part of living a fulfilled and happy life. So how can you save money on these purchases, making them work for every single penny?

Houses: Buy Smart

When you’re putting down a deposit for a house, particularly if it’s your first property, it’s important to make smart decisions. A house isn’t just a home; it can also be an investment. If you buy in an area that has room to improve, chances are the value of your house could rocket in the next few years. Save money by spending less and investing in the future. This isn’t always a sure bet, of course, but it’s a way of thinking about your house purchase that will help you make the smartest, most cost-effective decisions.

Cars: Second Hand

When it comes to buying a car, a shiny new model can be tempting. But do you really need it? Despite an unfair reputation gained from TV over the years, used cars can be an extremely cost-effective way to get yourself the vehicle you need without breaking the bank. You can check how many miles the car has done, and prices will vary depending on the model and quality of the car, but you can often find incredible deals at a fraction of the price that buying a new car would entail.

Holidays: Be Flexible

Have you always dreamed of that once-in-a-lifetime trip to see the world? Do you have a specific location in mind? A specific time of year? The best way to save money on a dream holiday is to be a little flexible in at least one of those areas. Travelling off-season can reduce prices by hundreds, even thousands, of pounds. Flexibility on location can also help you find the best deals as you won’t be tied to a particular airport or plane company. It can be a good trick to find one factor you’re unwilling to compromise on – and then let everything else float a little freer.

Kitchens: Go Local

When your kitchen needs a renovation, it can feel like a huge expenditure – and yet one that is necessary to maintain your happiness and quality of life. After all, people spend a huge amount of family time in the kitchen, and it’s important to keep right. To save on a kitchen remodel, always investigate local tradesmen and businesses before you go straight to the big corporations. These small, local companies will tend to be more cost-effective and offer a personalised service with customisations that bigger businesses could only dream of. Go local, and save every time!


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