Should I Consider Private Education?

As a parent, choosing a school for your child is often a challenging decision. It becomes even more of a challenge when you start trying to decide between private education and a state school. The most obvious setback with regards to private schools are the associated fees, but there are lots of other factors worth considering before you make a final decision or rule it out completely. A private prep school in London explore some of the pros and cons of private education below. 

Firstly, private schools tend to offer a more limited curriculum, although it also tends to be more challenging as a means to push students to reach their full potential. Smaller class sizes usually mean that students are able to receive more one-to-one time with their teachers and get the help they need, when they need it. 

The expensive fees of a private school will usually result in better resources, including books, supplies, computers and even the bigger facilities like the sports hall and swimming pool. This, arguably, gives students a better shot at success. Discipline is typically stricter in private schools as well, which means disruptive students will be appropriately punished and therefore will not become a distraction or bad influence to other students. 

Private schools tend to be more traditional and are often also religious. While this is great for those students who are of the religion in question, it can be quite alienating to other religions. What’s more, it means that pupils don’t get to meet people with different backgrounds. Generally speaking, there is less of a racial and class mix in private schools, which doesn’t really prepare students effectively for life as an adult. 

The question of whether or not private school is the best choice truly depends on your own circumstances and the personality of your child. Don’t be influenced by what other people say; make the choice that’s best for your own child.


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