Selling a Home Can Cost: Here’s How to Save Money

Selling a home has a few things that come along with it, and you can find it becoming more costly than you planned for. From selling it without an agency to taking care of the little jobs, here are some ways you can save extra money when you finally decide to list your property.

Get an Accurate Home Pricing

The value of your home determines your asking price, and this is used as a guide throughout your sale. However, it often isn’t accurate the first time and getting multiple house valuations can help you find a good median price. Some services also charge for this, and others don’t. You can save money using the services that don’t, mostly online estate services and rare high street agencies. Using a combination of both can help you get a more accurate valuation of your home.

You Don’t Have to Use Agencies

Real estate agencies are expensive, but they do a great job in most cases. They can take care of all the legal paperwork and advise you about how to sell your home faster and closer to your asking price. However, most will charge for any service they provide and will take between 1% and 3% of your sale price. Yet you can list your home as For Sale By Owner, which means you do the work yourself. It’s a lot more work, but you minimise the amount you pay out overall.

Budget for Decorating When Selling a Home

Buyers like to see a home they feel they can immediately move into and feel at home. That’s the point, after all. So, the job can fall to you to take care of some of the decorating, or your home can remain listed for longer, meaning you still have to pay the mortgage. Some small budgeting for decorating can help get things moving a lot quicker. A lick of paint here, some new carpet there and small modernisations can help your home appeal much more to a potential new buyer.

Get the House Spic and Span

Like decorating, no buyer wants to move into a home that appears untidy, unclean and cluttered. Some small investments of time and money can help a buyer feel more comfortable when viewing your home. Small things like cleaning the gutters, tidying the yard and cleaning the windows ensure the home looks more than ready for moving into. Additionally, you may want to think of decluttering and removing personal items whenever you have a viewing booked.

Ask Family and Friends for Some Help

After the sale of your home, you obviously need to move. This alone can be expensive and isn’t without its issues. This is an expense you may not be able to cover as you await a new home and the mortgage payments that come with it. Enlisting help from family and friends can help reduce some of these costs. This includes packing up your old things, transporting them to your new home and moving in. Just be sure to get a pizza and some beers when you’re done.


Accurate home pricing can help when selling your home. Yet you must also make a small budget for things like decorating and cleaning. And ask family for help when you are moving out.


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