Saving Money on Kids Clothing

We all know that kids grow quickly, which makes it hard to justify a huge spend on children’s clothing. Even so, some element of spending is required, and aside from the growth issue, you’ll also have to deal with stained and damage clothes, loss of items, and of course, special occasions. Kids clothing can soon eat into your budget, which isn’t great if you’re hoping to save money.

Take a look at these handy ideas or saving money on kids clothing to help you save those extra pennies.

Look for affordable, but high-quality brands

At the rate kids grow out of clothes, spending a lot of money on their clothing can be a bit of a waste, especially during their younger years. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t opt for high-quality clothing. There are plenty of brands that stock affordable clothes at a great price such as H&M, Next, and George at Asda. Look out for hard-wearing fabrics like cotton and wool and take advantage of the sales that are out there.

Repair and alter

Kids can get messy quickly, and play can often lead to stained fabrics and ripped clothing. Knowing how to do some basic clothing repairs such as replacing buttons, fixing holes could give you longer out of your kids’ clothing, especially more expensive items. School uniforms and sportswear are often something that need replacing, so learn how to remove stains from school uniform to stop you from throwing away items that could be saved. It’s always better to think twice before you get rid of an item of clothing, as you never know what could be brought back to life again.

Sell on unwanted items

Selling items of clothing that no longer fit or are unworn is a good way to make some money to fund new clothing buys. eBay and Gumtree are still excellent places to sell kids clothing, or you could try a more local solution like Facebook marketplace. Alternatively, you can donate unwanted kids clothes to charity and you could recycle clothing that isn’t fit to be worn again. A regular clear out of all the clothing in your home can keep it clutter-free to help it easier to see the clothes that are in the wardrobe, as well as help you keep your house tidy.

Shop online

Shopping online can be an easy way for you to grab some bargains on kids clothing. There are lots of ways you can save money shopping online, including discount codes and vouchers. It’s also much easier to shop for kids clothing in the right size, as you can use filters to help you search for what you want and keep your budget low too.

Saving money on kids clothing, as well as your own, can help you save money and cut back on unnecessary spending. This, along with no-spend months and other money-saving initiatives can soon help you grow your savings, help you budget better and reach your financial goals. Adjust your approach to spending on kids clothing and the pennies will soon add up.


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