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I hope you have found this blog post because you are looking to save money on escape rooms – well, you’re in luck. Escape rooms have massively taken off as a fun activity to do in the last few years. Perfect for team building, a quirky date idea or just a way to have fun with friends.

In case you don’t know what an escape room is, here is Wikipedia’s definition:

An escape room, also known as an escape game, is a game in which a team of players cooperatively discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks in one or more rooms in order to progress and accomplish a specific goal in a limited amount of time. The goal is often to escape from the site of the game.

As someone who grew up playing adventure games on my Amiga – showing my age there – with a penchant for quizzing, I can’t personally think of a better way to spend an hour.

Unfortunately I have only ever done two escape rooms in my life, but I would love to do more. One of the factors that is stopping me from making it a regular hobby (aside from a lack of babysitters!) is the cost. Let’s face it, at around £25 per person for an hour’s escape room experience, it is not particularly cheap.

As such, I have been looking for ways to save money on escape rooms. There are discounts to be had, here are some of them:

Check out group buying sites

Groupon, Itison, Wowcher and other group buying sites occasionally have deals for escape rooms. You can find these by searching for the word ‘escape’ in the site’s search box. As with every online purchase, make sure you use Topcashback as there is usually cashback to be made, which you can consider an extra saving.

Team up with friends

This is an obvious point but in most places, the price per person goes down the more people who are participating. Why not include an escape room as part of a work night out or a catch up with friends?

Get an Escape Game Card

At the time of writing, the Escape Game Card entitles you to a discount at over 380 venues (and counting) across the world, including 74 in the UK. The great thing is that it only costs £10 per year. I have just purchased a card as part of my brother’s Christmas present with the hope that we can do an escape room together over the festive period. The game I am eyeing up would cost £80 for four of us to play it, and the Escape Game Card gives a 20% discount at this particular venue. meaning we would save £16. That means the card would more than pay for itself after only one use. I think I’m even going to treat myself to one.

I hope my tips have helped you save money on escape rooms – I’d love to hear any other ideas that you have.

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  1. We tried one once i was rubbish I thought i would be better than i was to be fair

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