Money Saving Monday: 3 Ways I Saved Money Last Week (10/09/18)

It’s Monday once again… time to reflect on three of the ways I managed to save money last week:

  1. My steam mop died a few months ago (I think it’s because I had been adding a few drops of Zoflora directly into the tank, which I’ve since read is a big no-no… oops). I have been keen to buy the Shark Klik ‘n’ Flip mop as a replacement, but couldn’t quite justify the price, even though it is gradually coming down as the months go by. Now, a steam mop isn’t something I would usually buy second hand, but I decided to have a quick look on Gumtree just in case and lo and behold, a lady 2 miles away was selling one which had never been used for only £45. It was clearly meant to be!
  2. Lauren, who has just turned 3, has started showing a real interest in reading (pointing to words and asking me what they say) so I did some research into which books I should be buying in order to help her begin to read. I eventually decided on the ‘Read with Biff, Chip and Kipper’ series. I took my own advice and followed my 3 steps for paying the lowest price for anything online – first I checked out eBay and found that once shipping was factored in, there were no bargains to be had. I then did a search on Hotukdeals which pointed me in the direction of The Book People who had the set of 33 books for £18. I noticed that they had free delivery if you spend £25, so I added a bundle of sticker books to bring the total to £28. We are going on holiday at the end of the month, so the sticker books will be much-needed on the flights. A quick Google search (for ‘the book people discount code’) revealed a 20% discount code so all in all I paid only £22.40 for 33 learn to read books and 10 sticker books – bargain!
  3. I noticed that I was running low on frozen food (I like to have plenty of frozen chicken and broccoli to hand so that I can make my current favourite meal – Keto Chinese Chicken Curry), and being slightly lazy I was tempted to do an online Iceland shop, which has free delivery if you spend over £35. Instead, I made the effort to drive to the actual shop, kids in tow, and do the shop in person. This meant that I spent less than £35 plus I also picked up a number of reduced bargains, including several packs of half price fresh sausages which I’ve added to the freezer.

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  1. Doing a good shop with kids in tow is brave – I prefer to hide behind my computer! #MMBC

    • Haha, it’s amazing how quick you can fly round the aisles when you know a meltdown may occur at any minute! x

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