Meeting a Meerkat // Living Arrows (33/52 – 2019)

I have been following along with other people’s #LivingArrows posts for a long time and have been keen to join in – this week I am finally biting the bullet so here goes! We attended a fabulous birthday party this week that had a mini petting zoo in attendance. What a wonderful experience – we got to see (and hold) a meerkat, a skunk, a 12 foot Burmese python(!) and a lizard. I love seeing my daughter’s confidence grow each time we get the chance to pet an animal – from not wanting to touch them at all to being happy to hold a snake. Meanwhile, my son has been happy giving animals cuddles from day one… it’s funny how they are so different!



  1. This looks like a fantastic experience. I had no idea you could hold meerkats! I’m going to see if there’s somewhere locally our two can do it – meerkats are our favourites! x

  2. Wow! That looks amazing – both my boys are pretty scared of animals but maybe something like this would help them overcome their fears ๐Ÿ™‚ #LivingArrows

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