Lekto Night Briquettes Review – plus save £5 on your order

I recently placed an order for some Lekto night briquettes for our wood burning stove. I had seen an advert for them on Instagram and was immediately convinced… I am a marketer’s dream. Read on for my Lekto night briquettes review to find out whether or not they lived up to expectations.

I love using hardwood logs in our fire but you do need to keep an eye on the fire and tend to it fairly often, meaning you need to throw another log in the fire roughly every 30-45 minutes to keep it going. Unfortunately this means that occasionally we take our eye off the ball. This usually happens in two ways: 1) we leave the room with the wood burner in it to do something else, then come back sometime later to find the fire totally dead, or 2) we are drinking wine and fail to notice that the fire has burnt out. Oops! Slightly annoying. So when I saw the advert pop up for Lekto night briquettes, I thought that they could be the answer to this (very much first world) problem.

The pros of Lekto night briquettes

After trialling them for several weeks, I can happily say that they live up to the marketing hype. They are billed as burning for up to 8 hours which I would say is accurate – we personally got a little bit less out of them but the burn time of course depends on air flow and other factors. What we typically do is start a fire in the normal way (with logs) and then when that fire dies down we throw two of the night briquettes into the embers. Then we don’t need to worry about doing anything to the fire for the rest of the night, and the house stays warm until we are all in bed.

Another major pro point in my books is that they are good for the planet – they are crafted from compressed sawdust and wood shavings, making them a carbon-neutral and eco-friendly alternative to traditional firewood (no additional trees are cut down to produce them).

A further positive is that they are easy to store. They are all a uniform ‘brick’ shape so stack nicely. Having them delivered to your door is also great, plus there is no worry about the moisture content like you would have with traditional logs.

The cons of Lekto night briquettes

The only downside I can come up with is that we found that the briquettes produced more ash than traditional wood. Just a minor complaint – a small amount of extra tidying up is needed but nothing excessive.

If my Lekto night briquettes review has persuaded you to go ahead and buy them, using this link gives you £5 off your order.

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