Learning To Deal With Those Emotions Of Grief

Melancholy or sadness are normal emotions that we have the “right” to experience in situations such as loss, separation, problems at work, in the family, some illness, etc. We are expected to feel sad in such cases. But if we feel that our grief is lingering, then it surely will prevent us from living our lives well. We could be in danger of suffering depression and in this case we need to seek the help of a specialist.

But what can we do to avoid feeling depressed in our daily lives? Sometimes it is unavoidable, for example losing a loved one and in this case, there are a plethora of things that can make life difficult. You will need to ensure you are dealing with lawyers and insurance companies. You will have to look at funeral directors. Independent funeral directors can make things simpler of course but that doesn’t remove the grief for you.

Record what we feel

When sadness makes us see everything in black, let us try to write down some of our thoughts and feelings. Let us try to make the connection between them and let us realise that thoughts are the ones that affect emotion.

Make a list of what pleases us

We can write down all the activities that unburden us and make us feel good and plan to do at least one every day. We can also make a list of things we are grateful for each week, or we can record positive things about ourselves that way, both to strengthen it and to acknowledge to ourselves the things we are proud of.

Sleep well

This means a good quality and quantity of sleep, i.e. 7.5 to 8 hours a day and without waking up during. Sleep is necessary to increase our energy levels that will allow us to fight bad moods. Without enough sleep we are prone to negative thoughts that at some point can flood our minds.

Exercise more

Exercise is beneficial for the brain. Among other things, it has an effective antidepressant effect. We will strengthen our self-confidence and improve our mood. Music also helps and relaxes us, reduces pain, improves performance, relieves stress, anxiety and depression.

Have good people around

Do not waste your time with people who do not treat us well, but with people who support us and love us. With people who dedicate time to us, who listen to us and feel for us.

Do not be strict with ourselves

We all have an inner voice of self-criticism. For some people, however, this voice is louder, harsher, angrier and relentless. Many times, depressed people make a very strong self-criticism and engage in negative internal dialogues with this strict part of themselves. Compassion for ourselves is the foundation for healing our wounded inner world.

Put activities in our lives

Painting, dancing or any other activity lifts our spirits or even group activities, as research shows that meeting other people alone reduces feelings of loneliness, boosts self-confidence and improves mood. It can also help fight anxiety.

Leave the past behind and deal with the present

Let us keep in our hearts all the beautiful moments, because they are part of our life and we have certainly been defined as a person, but we focus on the present and let us live each moment intensely.

Periods of sadness can be constructive enough to make the changes we need in our lives. If we go through such a phase, do not let it drag us into the black hole of depression. Let’s use it to make our lives better. Also seek any type of therapy for grief if you feel it could assist. Professional help can be vital.


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