Keto crisps: where to buy in the UK

I wanted to share with you my favourite brand of Keto crisps. Keto crisps are hard to come by in the UK – there are substitutes, such as pork scratchings and Cheesies but sometimes you just want a crisp. A few weeks ago I discovered the MyProtein Protein Crisps. Wow! I am obsessed. They are hugely popular so go in and out of stock all the time, but it’s definitely worth buying them when they are in stock.

They come in two flavours: Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream and Barbecue. I slightly prefer the Barbecue flavour but they are both delicious. Obviously, being low carb, they aren’t made of potatoes, but they do a good job of replicating the texture of real crisps. They are also generously seasoned. At 25g per bag the portion isn’t massive (pictured below is that you will find in a typical bag) but as they pack a substantial 11g of protein, I find them pretty filling.

A whole bag of the Sweet Chilli flavour is only 100 calories and 4.4g of carbs (1.4g of which is sugars) whilst the Barbecue flavour is also 100g and 4.9g of carbs (1.3g of which is sugars). Not bad to have a couple of times a week when the crisp craving hits you!

The full price for these crisps is £8.99 for a pack of 6 25g bags, which works out at £1.50 a bag – quite pricey but bear in mind that MyProtein always have discount codes – for example, right now as I write this they have 35% off so that brings the price down to 97p per bag.

If you are new to MyProtein, please sign up using this link or using the code NICOLA-RSZ when signing up for an account and you will get 3 months free next day delivery.

After signing up using the above MyProtein referral code, make sure that you do the following as well to ensure you are paying the lowest price when you place your order:

1. Go through Topcashback to get cashback on your purchase (read my Topcashback review here if you don’t know how cashback sites work)

2. Check out Myprotein’s voucher code list for any discount codes that can be applied at the checkout stage

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