Is a Fun Family Day Out Possible for Under £20?

(AD: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Morses Club)

Did you know that a new £20 note is entering circulation on the 20th of February this year? I remember the first time I ever had my very own £20 note, when I received one from my Granny at Christmas, I must have been 9 or 10. I felt like a millionaire!

But what can £20 buy you these days? Maybe  a main course and a glass of wine at a restaurant. Perhaps a new top. In brief: not very much. So is it possible to have a fun family day out for just £20? I think so!

First, here is a fabulous infographic all about the £20 note courtesy of Morses Club, provider of cash loans (Representative 466.37% APR):

Our Family Day out for £20

We tend to head into the centre of Edinburgh on Sundays as it is free parking, which saves a fortune – to park for a few hours would normally be over £10. The first place we would head to is the National Museum of Scotland. There is so much to explore there, it feels like we discover something new every time. My kids love seeing the T-Rex skeleton in particular. So far, so cheap – in fact, no money has been spent.

Next, we are starting to feel peckish, and hopefully it’s a lovely day. We would then take a short stroll along to The Meadows (beautiful open parkland if you aren’t familiar with Edinburgh), stopping at a supermarket on the way to buy a baguette, some ham, olives and some crisps – a simple picnic. Here is a great article listing parks in London if that is where you are based. Throw in some drinks and lunch for the four of us would probably come to £12 or so. There is nothing nicer in my opinion than watching the world go by whilst sitting on the grass enjoying a tasty picnic.

Once we were finished, we would walk over to the Royal Mile. There is always some kind of street entertainment happening there – buskers, magicians or artists. Whilst we watched, we would be eating an ice cream or ice lolly that we had bought from a supermarket en route – it’s so much cheaper than buying from an ice cream van. I’d expect to spend about £4 on these.

That leaves £4 spare – enough to pop in the entertainer’s hat to say thank you for the performance.

Then we would head home – tired, full and happy that our day out hadn’t cost a fortune.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Morses Club


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