How to Make Yourself Look 10 Years Younger

Many of us would like to turn back time and look younger and healthier. While time travel may not actually be possible, there are certainly some ways to make yourself look younger and healthier. Here are the some top tips:

Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is imperative if you want to look younger. Try to go to bed early and wake up early as this will make you feel more refreshed than having a late night and a lay in the next morning. Getting enough sleep will reduce the dark circles under your eyes and make your skin look younger and less puffy. Changing your pillowcase can work wonders too. Invest in a soft, high-quality pillowcase as this will reduce inflammation and is less abrasive to the skin which will help you to reduce the signs of aging.

Use Appropriate Products

Over the long term, one of the best things you can do to maintain a youthful look is to make sure you apply SPF every single day. Make sure it is of a high enough factor and don’t forget to use it on your neck, décolletage and your hands, areas people often forget. It’s important to keep your body skin well-moisturised by using products such as Invisicrepe Body Balm. The moisturising effects of such products will lend your skin a ‘plumpness’ associated with youth. Of course, when you are looking for products than can help, it’s important to read things like these Beverly Hills MD reviews to make sure that you are going to be spending your money on things that will deliver the results you are looking for.

Cut Down on Caffeine and Alcohol

Drinking caffeine or alcohol will dehydrate your skin and give you fine lines, especially around the eyes and mouth. To look younger, you should cut these products out or at least strictly limit your intake. Instead, drink plenty of water which will rehydrate your skin and make you look younger. It is recommended that you drink 6-8 glasses of water per day if you want to look fresh and dewy.  Green tea is also a good thing to drink as it reduces the appearance of age spots.


Exercise is a fantastic way to look younger as it gets the blood flowing around your body and helps you to look healthy from the inside out. It removes the toxins from your body and reduces the signs of aging. Both strength and cardiovascular workouts are great ways of combatting the signs of aging and making you feel healthy. 


Celebrities swear by having Botox and have been using it as a way of trying to look younger for years. It involves injecting your face to smooth out the wrinkles and get rid of fine lines. It isn’t a permanent procedure and usually lasts for about 3-4 months. It is a non-surgical procedure so it is less invasive than cosmetic surgery, but you should still think carefully before going ahead.


If you have tried other methods to look younger and they haven’t worked out for you, then a Concept facelift may be the answer you are looking for. This is a surgical procedure where the surgeon will make an incision and pull your face up, making it appear younger, smoother, and less lined. Concept facelift in the UK is available through the Bella Vou Pantiles Clinic. This is a revolutionary treatment that will make you look and feel amazing as well as making people think that you are at least 10 years younger than you are. This clinic is very experienced and will make you feel comfortable during the procedure and beyond.

These are the top five ways of helping you to look and feel ten years younger. Try some for yourself and be amazed.


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