Gift Ideas for a Four Year Old

My daughter is turning four in a couple of weeks – I can’t believe how quickly time has flown. How has it been a year since her last birthday? I am beginning to get organised when it comes to buying her a few bits and pieces and I thought I would share with you some gift ideas for a four year old just in case they help you out too. I have kept everything well under £25 as I don’t believe that spending big bucks is guaranteed to get a gift they will enjoy and actually play with (quite the opposite as I have found to my dismay!).

24 Piece Toy Story Mega Dough set* – my daughter loves Toy Story and Playdoh so this ticks a lot of boxes. I love how it also comes with tools/cutters so it’s got everything she needs to get playing right away. I have to confess I have been a bit anxious about her playing with Playdoh in the past as it can get messy (picking it out of carpets is not my idea of fun) but I am beginning to trust her to keep it all on the table finally! I was surprised by how affordable this set us – usually everything Disney-related is extortionate.
gift ideas for a four year old Magnetic Tiles* – I confess that we already have a set of these, but I would like to buy some more so that she can build even taller tiles and more elaborate houses. These have been a big hit, even with her little brother when he was a baby – they are the kind of toy that you can get years worth of fun out of.
Lion King Top Trumps game* – another film she is really into at the moment is The Lion King. She is also beginning to get into playing board games so this sounds like great fun.
gift ideas for a four year old Galt Rainbow Lab Kit* – we have recently done some ‘volcano’ experiments which she has been fascinated by, so I was excited to stumble across this science kit – looking forward to doing some more fun experiments together.
gift ideas for a four year old Marble Run* – my daughter has always enjoyed building things so this sounds fab. Not going to lie, the amount of individual pieces is making me anxious when I think about the potential mess so this would have to come with a stern ‘you must tidy up after’ warning! But it looks like a great way for her to use her creativity and who knows, perhaps help foster a future engineer?

Fingers crossed this post has helped you out when it comes to gift ideas for a four year old. I would love to hear if you have any toy recommendations when it comes to things your four year olds actually play with, rather than things that end up gathering dust.

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  1. Love all of these ideas and you brought back some memories along the way too so thanks #ThatFridayLinky #BinkyLinky

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