Free Money Hacks

Looking for free money hacks? You’ve come to the right place. These are all tried and tested ways of getting money for free in 2023.

Trading 212 Promo Code: Get a Free Share Worth Up to £100

This is my favourite of my free money hacks as it’s so simple and you are guaranteed free money. What’s more, you can refer up to 20 of your friends and family to Trading 212 and each time you will get another free share. You can sell your free share straight away and can ‘cash out’ 30 days after first getting it. In my experience, the odds are roughly as follows: a 7 in 10 chance of getting a share worth around £10, a 2 in 10 chance of getting a share worth around £20 and a 1 in 10 chance of getting a share worth £80+. I’ve never had a share worth under £10, so for that reason, I highly recommend you get involved in this offer. Note, this is for new Trading 212 customers only.

To sign up, simply follow these steps:

Click this link
Select Invest, rather than CFD or ISA
Fill in the requested details
Deposit £1 (which you get back)

You will receive your free share within three days – although I’ve usually found it much quicker than that.

Prolific: Earn Money By Doing Surveys

There are lots of online survey sites, most of which are very boring to do and pay very little. Prolific is the exception: click here to join the waiting list. As I work from home, I keep a Prolific tab open in my browser and do a few surveys a day – they are usually quite interesting. In the last two days I have accumulated £20, which I have earned over probably two hours in total. So the rate per hour is pretty good and it’s a nice break for my brain to do something different for 15 minutes or so here and there.

Cashback Sites: Get Money Back For Doing Your Usual Shopping

Did you know that hundreds of retailers offer cashback? That means that when you buy something, they will give you a proportion of the spend back to you. Just from Topcashback alone, I have earned £2,500 on money that I would have spent anyway. I’ve written a full review and explanation of Topcashback here. Another fantastic site (well, app) is Airtime Rewards (use code BXDNHQ6F if prompted). This gives you money off your mobile phone bill – typically I earn £10 off my bill easily each month.

My two favourite cashback sites are as follows:

Airtime Rewards (use code BXDNHQ6F if prompted)

By using the above links to sign up, you’ll get a sign up bonus.

Let me know if you know of any more free money hacks!


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