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Back when I met my husband, around 13 years ago, if someone told you that they were registered with an online dating site you would have raised an eyebrow. Fast forward to 2019, and if you are single and looking for love, it’s probably very unlikely that you aren’t dabbling with online dating. We met each other way back then the ‘old fashioned way’ – in a bar – and over the years we have had lots of different dates in our home city of Edinburgh, so I’d like to draw on our experience and share some ideas that are a bit more unusual than dinner/drinks/a movie:

Cycle the Union Canal together

Head out from the city towards Ratho and have a well-earned lunch at the famous Bridge Inn.

Stroll through the Botanics

I can’t think of a better place to get to know somebody, especially in the Spring when all the flowers are blooming or on a crisp Autumn day.

Visit Camera Obscura

A fascinating place, full of loads of things to talk about, culminating in a fabulous rooftop view of the city.

Wander the Christmas Markets

Obviously this is season-dependent but not much beats wrapping up warm and chatting over a mulled wine.

Do an Escape Room together

There are loads of them in Edinburgh to choose from – they are such good fun.

If these ideas sound good but you are in need of someone to accompany you, maybe you could check out an Edinburgh Dating Site?

There are so many benefits of being in a happy relationship, here are some of the top perks from my perspective:

A person to weather life’s storms with

Life has its difficulties – into every life a little rain must fall – and having a person to lean on (and being that person for your significant other) is a huge source of strength. I’m not sure what I would have done without having my husband to talk to when my mum went through a period of illness.

A person to celebrate life with

On the flip side, when life is good, it is so nice to have someone by your side to celebrate and feel joy with.

Shared memories

I absolutely love reminiscing about old times with my partner – holidays, funny things that have happened to us, good times together. Reminiscing definitely gives me a warm and comforting feeling inside.

Being able to be your true self

Speaking personally, before I settled down with my partner I think I put on an act based on how I thought others – men, really – wanted me to be. I definitely acted more ditzy than I actually am. These days? I will unashamedly exclaim about how excited I am that University Challenge is back on, or suggest that we play a game of Scrabble over a glass of red wine. I also allow myself to talk about my hobby of video gaming without worrying about being thought of as weird… because I know that I am loved for who I am.


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