Decluttering And Tidying Your Home: A Guide For The Busy Parent

Keeping your home neat and tidy is a never-ending struggle at the best of times. Finding the right methods to deal with your clutter is a fantastic way of tidying up your home and your mind. A fresh and clean living-space makes for a positive and healthy outlook on life—It’s said that clutter may contribute to depression and other negative mental health problems. Of course, keeping your home tidy is much easier said than done as a parent. We wanted to share some of our ideas to help you declutter your home, making it much easier to keep on top of those everyday cleaning tasks.

Speedy Organising
For a quick whip around on those busier days, you’ll need a system to tidy up without much thought going into the process. Allocate a selection of 5 good-sized containers for different items. These containers should be as follows: a recycling basket; a mending basket; a charity basket; a tidy up basket; and finally, a throw-away basket. Once you’ve done a sweep of the house and placed everything into its relevant basket, empty them by putting everything in the right place and you’ll see a huge difference already!

Free Up Space
It can be so tough throwing away things you love or have brought you joy in the past. But remember, although it sounds a bit morbid, nothing lasts forever. Hold onto the love and memories of the things that came before and keep moving towards the future. Clearing out large portions of space by removing an unnecessary table from the living room or getting rid of your second sofa to replace it with an armchair is a great way of making your home feel larger as well as less cluttered. If you are having a huge clear out then you will probably need some help, a good place to start is to do a search based on your location such as Rubbish Removals Hampton. It’s almost certainly worth getting two or three quotes from rubbish removal providers. If there are some things that you just can’t get rid of yet or feel like they would serve a purpose in the near future, you could always consider renting out a storage unit. It can feel slightly worrying moving your possessions away to somewhere like Easy Access Self Storage in Manchester and Stockport. They have a heavy focus on both accessibility for you and great security measures to make sure your treasured items are safe.

Room Focuses
If you’re struggling to handle tidying up your whole home at once, consider picking one or two rooms at a time. It’s worth remembering that once you’ve de-cluttered one room, it will be far easier to clean and tidy every other time, if you keep on top of it. You likely will never need to work on every room every single day. Set yourself a schedule and make sure you keep a strong focus on popular areas, especially the kitchen and living room. 

Kitchen Clean
The rooms you spend the most time in should be kept as clean and tidy as possible to keep yourself relaxed and content. Kitchens obviously become messy and dirty during hasty cooking sessions for the kids. Tackle the kitchen clean after every use and you won’t be thinking about the mess later on in the evening when you’re trying to take some time for yourself. You could also declutter plenty of things in your kitchen. Common clutter items are mugs and tableware! Throw out or put in storage any you don’t really need and enforce a rule for people to clean and reuse their cup instead of getting a new one out of the cupboard.

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  1. Great tips! I find the kitchen space the hardest. I really need to have a sort out of Tupperware and mugs which just seem to multiply but then I never know what to do with them!

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