Bold and Beautiful: Statement Curtain Ideas for Every Room

Minimalism was definitely a vogue concept in the overall design world for quite a while. However, people have started to switch back to the idea that style needs a certain boldness in order to achieve beauty and individual character.

This principle applies to curtains as well – if you’re hoping to make a bold statement in each of the rooms in your home, here are some of our statement curtain ideas that we think are absolutely in at the moment.

Living room

For the living room, you can go big. Think floor-to-ceiling length, in a bold colour that can’t help but catch the eye. Depending on the rest of your room, you could go with a rich, emerald green, or a turquoise to add a sense of personality and luxuriousness. If you’re going to go that rich with the colour, then get a fabric to match – a thick velvet that makes you want to wrap yourself up in it.


You can still go very bold in the bedroom, but you might want it to be slightly more serene than other parts of your home, to help create a sleep-inducing environment. Think about dark blood red curtains, or even sea blue ones from a supplier like Woodyatt Curtains. Whatever fabric you go with, it’s a good idea to line your curtains to make sure that you can create the perfect temperature and light conditions for sleep.

Dining room

Dining rooms should generally be a little lighter than the living room and dining room, meaning you can choose brighter colours and more playful patterns. While floral patterns aren’t something we’d often recommend, in dining rooms, they can look quite lovely. You can also go with half-length curtains if you want to optimise light during the day without the distractions of the outside world. 

Home office

With more and more people working from home, home office design has become something that an increasingly large number of us have to think about. Curtains are important to help create a professional, comfortable environment – you can either go with something bright but monochrome, or a simple pattern (like vertical stripes) in a more subtle colour or shade. 


In your bathroom, you might want to go with a contained window covering, either a thin curtain or a set of blinds. They’ll often be wet from the steam of your bath or shower, making it a good idea to go with a synthetic fabric or something else that can handle being damp in the long run.


Finally, for your kitchen you can go for something neat and bold that’s easy to clean and out of the way. Cafe curtains can be a lovely choice – they’ll ensure that there’s still a certain amount of ventilation possible even with the curtains pulled shut, which can obviously be very important if you’re cooking.

It’s important to remember that while you can go bold with your curtain design choices, ultimately, they need to match the rest of your interior aesthetic. As long as you take your other home styling choices into consideration, you shouldn’t go wrong.


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