Is it worth signing up to Amazon Prime just to save money on nappies?

This post has been updated for March 2020

I will start by stating that I have been an Amazon Prime member for years. I couldn’t be without it. Being able to take advantage of next day delivery (and sometimes same day delivery) on countless items is invaluable to me, and I take advantage of it often (although much less often than I used to… I was a little bit too trigger-happy on the ‘1-click order’ button) . We also stream things on Prime Video most days too – I reckon I could navigate to the five seasons of Peppa Pig with my eyes closed. One of the things I buy the most is nappies – I get them delivered monthly. Prime members get 20% off the listed price. In my constant quest to make sure I am getting the best deal on everything I buy, I put myself in the shoes of a new parent and found myself asking this: would it be worth signing up to Amazon Prime just to save money on nappies? Check out my Amazon Prime nappies cost analysis below:

I selected one particular type of nappy just to keep the analysis simple – Pampers Baby Dry size 4. Pampers are the UK’s best selling nappy brand and size 4 is pretty average in terms of what you would buy across a year – babies don’t stay in sizes 1 – 3 for too long. I looked at the current prices as of today (updated 08/03/2020) for the largest pack sizes available on Amazon (including the 20% discount) and at Tesco and Asda.

I took the above prices and make an assumption that a baby would get through 6 nappies a day over 365 days i.e. 2,190 nappies a year (eek!), here are the annual costs:

So if we are purely looking at cost, signing up to Amazon Prime just for nappies is not worth it as it costs £66 more over the course of a year – £5.50 a month – than just buying them in Asda (which is slightly cheaper than Tesco). However, given that you get free delivery (whereas you would either have to travel to the supermarket or pay for delivery) and you don’t have to cart a heavy huge box of nappies around as they get delivered to your door, it’s definitely worth considering whether you’d be willing to pay the extra. And that’s not even factoring all the other benefits of Amazon Prime membership.

Why not sign up for a 30 day free trial? I hope you enjoyed my Amazon Prime nappies cost analysis and that it was helpful for you.

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  1. Great. Thanks for this. So helpful. I have wasted lot of money on diapers for my 1st child, surely for the 2nd this will help. Glad I found you!

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