What’s So Special About Alloy Wheels?

Alloy wheels are a relative newcomer to the motoring world, first appearing on racetracks and drawing admiration from motorheads and enthusiasts, but quickly attracting the mainstream driver’s attention. They are more expensive than their steel counterparts, and apparently not as strong – so what is so special about alloy wheels, exactly?

They Look Great!

The aesthetics of alloy wheels cannot be denied. The lightweight highly malleable magnesium and aluminium alloys from which alloy wheels are made can be shaped into intricate decorative patterns and shapes without losing any structural integrity. They can also be tinted and painted almost any colour under the sun, including soft metallic shades and bright vibrant primary colours. This is the main reason why alloys made the leap from the racetrack to roads and highways: they look fantastic and give your car a futuristic edge that will be hard to beat!

They Make Everything Last Longer!

Alloys are considerably lighter than steel wheels and this has so many knock-on benefits it is hard to detail them all in one paragraph! From reducing general wear and tear on the vehicle to reducing your fuel costs by ten percent or more, the lightness of alloy wheels can save you time, money and convenience by preventing breakdowns, reducing maintenance on your car and – perhaps crucially – making your tyres last so much longer! Another benefit of the lightness of alloy wheels is that your car’s handling and cornering is vastly improved, again, reducing the friction experienced by the tyres. Your tyres generally have to be replaced when they wear below the legal limits or when they suffer damage. Using alloy wheels rather than steel reduces the direct burden that each tyre has to carry – and this helps your tyres last twice as long as they otherwise would.

Anti-Rust Benefit

A final reason to choose alloy wheels is one that is highly pertinent to much of the UK. Salt suffuses the air along the coast and also is prevalent in coastal towns and roads. In the winter, gritting salt is used to stop the build up of dangerous ice – but it can create a salty slush that clings to wheels. Steel does not like salt and will readily corrode, discolouring to an unpleasant reddish brown oxide, and then suffering damage: pitting and structural weakness that left unchecked could cause you serious problems in the future. Alloy wheels are impervious to salt and you will be able to drive in the winter or by the sea without worrying about your wheels. If they do pick up a salty coating as you drive, it will simply wash or wipe off, leaving your gorgeous alloy wheels as pristine as they were on the day you bought them.

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