5 of the Quickest Ways to Make Money

The economy has been up and down for the last few years, and the security of having a job isn’t enough anymore. So, what do you do if the rug is whipped out from under you? Here are some ways to generate cash quickly when your options are limited.

Paid Surveys

You may be surprised to discover that there are a lot of options to earn money by filling out surveys and testing products. All you need to do is register your interest with paid survey sites, fill out your profile, and when they have a survey for you, you get an email. They don’t pay very much but those little amounts for regular surveys add up. This is great to do when you have some free time.

Online Gaming

Sometimes making some extra money can come from a place of fun. If you’re okay with putting a little cash down to begin with, sites like Paybyphonecasino.uk can be a fantastic way of making money through online games such as poker or even an intense game of blackjack. For something different, you can also seek out no wagering bingo sites if you are keen on the idea of combining fun with the possibility of making some extra money. While it might not be one of the most conventional ways to make money, it can also be incredibly lucrative if you get lucky and win the big bucks.

Delivery Driver

Uber Eats and Deliveroo are growing in popularity, and the demand for drivers is always growing. Registering as a driver is easy and you can get started straight away. How much you can earn is up to you, but it is best to take advantage of busy areas and busy times. The great thing about this is, you aren’t tied to the same restaurant or takeaway, you can log on and work for a selection of places. Unlike Uber driving, you won’t have to deal with people in your car, and you can even use a bicycle or scooter to keep your vehicle costs down.

eBay Selling

Clearing out the cupboards can be a great stress reliever but you probably have stuff in the wardrobes that you have forgotten about. If you have any old clothes or items that are worth money but you don’t like, you could sell them online. The go-to site for selling things has been eBay but over the last few years, there have been plenty of other sites that are considered good rivals. Even Facebook has its own Marketplace to sell things locally.

Sell Your Home

Depending on how much money you need, you could look into selling your house. Unfortunately, there are times that you need to find cash buyers for houses, and it may not be an option that you would like to use. However, the fact remains, there are services that will snap up your property quickly for you, freeing up the cash in your home. The bonus that comes with these sites is that the turnaround is fast, so you won’t have to wait months for a buyer to come along.


Whether you get your certification from one of the yoga schools san diego and teach yoga classes to students, or offer essay writing services, working as a freelancer can be great. You can get started easily with sites like Fiverr or Upwork. These sites are not the best paying in the world but they pay quickly and the amounts can add up. There are many people who turned to those sites in their time of need who now make a decent living from the gigs they find there. These gigs can turn into regular freelance work and, as time goes on and you get more private clients, you can charge more for your services.


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