4 Tips for Saving Money on a New Pushchair

It takes becoming a parent to realise how expensive childrearing is. Loads of expenses start popping up out of nowhere, from new clothes and cots to toys and prams. As every parent on a budget knows, pushchairs are very expensive. Surprisingly so. If you want to invest in one that is semi-decent, then you need to fork out several hundred pounds. But there must be a way to save yourself from spending that amount of money, right? Right! In fact, that is precisely why we have written this article today. Keep reading to find out 4 tips for saving money when buying a pushchair.

1.) Compare Brands

First and foremost, don’t just settle for the very first pushchair you come across. Instead, compare the different brands to find the very best pushchairs for your budget. Looking at reviews from previous customers can really help you to distinguish the reliable and trusted pushchair brands from the rip-offs. Good pushchair companies will provide high-quality products at a decent price. To save money in the long run, we recommend going for value above cheapness. A poor-quality pushchair can be massively inconvenient and will also need to be replaced in the not-too-distant future.

2.) Buy Second-Hand

If you really cannot afford to purchase a new armchair, then don’t worry! There is also the option to buy second-hand. In recent years, this process has been facilitated by the internet. You can easily go through websites like eBay or Facebook marketplace to find the best pushchairs for your budget. Just type in your keyword and apply filters to match your price range, then click ‘search’. If you can, try reading reviews for the seller you are purchasing from. Some online sellers are not as reliable as others.

3.) Apply a Discount

Another fantastic way to save yourself some money while purchasing a new pushchair is through discount codes. If you search the internet rigorously enough, then you should be able to track down a couple of deals. Some websites might offer special coupons, for example, or other places might be having a sale. Just having a little patience and holding off can make a big difference! Also, if you regularly shop at one store for parents and have a loyalty card with them, you could accrue points over time and get a new pushchair at a reduced price.

4.) Through a Friend

If you have any friends who are parents with older children, then it might be worth asking them whether they would be willing to sell their old pushchair to you. This is a brilliant way to save money. Most friends are more than happy to lend their pram for no money at all. Others will sell their pushchair to you at a much-reduced price. There’s absolutely no shame in asking!

These are some great ways to save money when buying a new pushchair. Even those on a budget should be able to afford a pram by being a little savvy about it.


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