4 Steps To A Minimalist Garage

When you’re recently shifting to a minimalist lifestyle and have made this approach to the interiors of your home, it’s only natural to also refurbish your garage. A minimalist garage will seem more organized and cleaner. It could also free up more space. However, when your garage is built as a space for your old stuff, broken household items, garden tools, and any other forgotten possessions you have, it’s pretty challenging to integrate a minimalist design into it.

One way to go about obtaining a minimalist, highly-organised garage is to hire an expert such as The Smarter Garage to help you out. They will be able to come up with innovative solutions to make your garage a space you are proud of.

Although it might take some time and effort, you can turn your garage into having a minimalistic design. The key is to implement the proper techniques and strategies to sort everything out. Finally, you’ll get to enjoy an organized, decluttered, and minimalist garage that’s going to be easy to manage moving forward. The good news is that whether your garage is constructed with brick or is one of those steel metal buildings that you see around, everyone can enjoy a tidy, minimalist garage with a little bit of effort.

A great place to start is to consider the kerb appeal of your garage. For example, you could look at upgrading your garage door to one of these Bespoke garage doors by Bulldog Garage Doors. From a personal perspective, I am far more likely to keep a space clean and tidy when it’s aesthetically pleasing from all angles.

Check out some practical steps for you to create a minimalist garage.

  • Declutter

Before redesigning, you need to declutter everything first. Pull everything out of the storage area and sort it. One of the garage clean up tips is to contact professional rubbish removers to manage all your garage trashes. Consider re-evaluating every item in the garage to decide whether you still need them or you can let them go. Remember that living a minimalist lifestyle means you only need to keep things you need and plan to use soon. If you realize you can’t use the item within three months from now, then it’s best to let them go.

Once you have decided on what can be discarded it could be a good idea to hire a dumpster, which is ideal for a garage or basement cleanout. Make sure you recycle, sell or donate as much of your unwanted goods as possible to help the planet.

Instead of being sentimental, implement a more pragmatic approach when dealing with your old stuff. As much as you love to keep all the keepsakes in the past, you should inspect whether their materials and condition are still suitable. Also, they probably will only accumulate dirt and dust or break into pieces in a couple of years.
If you don’t trust yourself in letting go or keeping things, it’s also a good idea to declutter the garage with someone who adopts a minimalist way of thinking. They may have supported your journey when you were decluttering and tidying your home’s interiors. Maybe they could do the same for your garage.

Organized clean suburban residential two car garage with tools, file cabinets and sports equipment.
  • Make Your Garage Sparkling Clean

The next best thing you can do to refurbish your minimalist garage is to keep it shiny and sparkling clean. While you may have done regular sweeping and cleaning in the past, it will require more than this when you want to overhaul it completely. Eliminate all loose dirt and dust from the floors through sweeping, brushing, and mopping. Look around the ceilings and remove cobwebs and dust too. You can check your lighting fixtures and ensure they’re spotless as well.
You can move to the cabinets and walls this time. Wipe the dusty areas with a wet cloth. You can use cleaning solutions and detergents to remove accumulated dust on cabinet surfaces. Also, inspect if there are any stains on walls or floors. You can scrub them clean using some degreaser and stain removers. Power washing can also be necessary to remove stubborn dirt on the floors if mopping isn’t effective.

  • Integrate Storage Solutions

Organizing a minimalist garage requires you to invest in storage solutions like cabinets, shelves, and bins. However, go for simple and basic designs if you want to achieve a minimalist look. These storages should match the overall decor of your minimalist garage.

For maximum storage space in the room, you should choose highly efficient but creative garage storage ideas. Take advantage of wall and ceiling space by installing shelves and vertical boards or racks into them. You can store a wide variety of items in each of these, thereby keeping your garage floor free and clear. This helps you achieve the tidy minimalist look you’re going for.

  • Prepare A Minimalist Garage Layout

Consider a good garage layout when building your minimalist garage. Layout your garage in a way that will help you keep it organized. By creating a structure, you’ll be able to arrange the space properly. Check out these tips when planning out your garage layout.

  • Designate the car park area: The first step to designing a garage layout is allocating space for the car. After all, this is the most significant function of your garage, so ensure that you have sufficient car park space. Define how much space your vehicle will take up. Decide whether it’s on the side or the middle of the garage. You can now use the remaining space to store your items after setting aside space for parking your car.
  • Keep frequently used items at reach: Things like your garden tools, handyman devices and equipment, or pet stuff should be easily accessible and placed on the hanging wall shelves, so you won’t have to sort through cabinets every time you need them.
  • Utilise hidden spaces and corners: Your garage has many useful corners, so maximize all of them. Make use of the corners by adding storage uses into them. You’ll be surprised to see that these spaces can accommodate more of your garage items.

With the right garage renovation techniques and strategies, it is achievable to create a minimalist garage. Apply the steps mentioned in this article so you can enjoy a sleeker, organized, and clutter-free garage that is easy to maintain and tidy up.


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