4 Crucial Tips for Your First Day Out with Your Baby

Taking your baby out for the first time can be a combination of excitement and nerves, as it’s a significant step for you as a new parent and for them as well. As you prepare to take your baby out for some fresh air, it’s essential to keep some things in mind to make your baby as comfortable as possible and your outing a relaxed and fulfilling one. Here are some practical tips to help you on your first day out with your little one. 

1. Ensure your baby is well covered

It would help if you considered the weather conditions before taking your baby out, whether it’ll be a rainy day or full of sunshine. Even then, the weather can still take you by surprise, and you need to be well-prepared. If the weather is cold, long-sleeved clothes and warm socks will be ideal, together with mittens and a hat. A blanket and umbrella will also come in handy. If it’s sunny, your baby can wear lighter clothes, and it would be best to pack along some baby-friendly sunscreen as well. If you want them to enjoy some sunlight in your backyard, a covering like the Moses Basket fitted sheet will help make your baby’s basket comfy enough for them to relax in while you monitor them.

2. Pack a changing bag

Your baby’s diaper bag becomes your new must-have accessory wherever you go, as it enables you to store everything your baby needs. It’s vital to carefully pack one before you step out to make things easier and more convenient for you. It will help keep you prepared for emergencies, such as when your baby poops or needs a change of clothes. Some essentials for your diaper bag include a changing mat, cream for nappy rash, diapers and wipes, disposable nappy sacks, and a set of fresh clothes. 

3. Avoid overcrowded spots

As your baby is still growing, it’s easier for them to be exposed to germs. Therefore, you need to be extra careful when taking them out, be it for a fun day out or a visit to the grocery store. Doing this will help minimise the likelihood of strangers touching your baby or your little one catching a cold. If you’re not sure whether you can completely prevent people from touching your baby, you can have a sanitiser on hand, so you encourage them to sanitise their hands before holding your baby or saying hello to them. 

4. Take your time 

Babies develop at their own pace, and every parenthood journey is different. Therefore, you shouldn’t decide to take your baby out only because others are, even when you don’t feel ready. You can start small, for instance, a short walk on your street or a park nearby. As you gradually do this, it will also help you monitor how your baby responds to the outdoors. Then you can eventually take more giant steps like spending long periods outside. 

There’s no fixed rule on when you can start taking your baby out. It’s ultimately about when you feel you and your little one are ready. If you’re unsure, you can also give your doctor a quick call for some advice on when you can start taking your baby out. The tips listed above will help you prepare adequately and have a great time with your baby outdoors.


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