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Weight Loss Tracker Printables (& more)… introducing my Etsy store

Weight Loss Tracker Printables

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After being a huge fan of shopping on Etsy for many years (I still look back at my Etsy Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Guide when I need present inspiration, whatever the season), a while back I took the big step of launching my very own Etsy store: Goal Digger by Nicola. I absolutely love it – it is allowing me to express my creative side whilst making a small amount of money. My initial focus was on creating a few beautiful weight loss tracker printables that would look lovely on a bathroom wall. Since then, things have spiralled and I now have over 75 listings!

My store sells a variety of instant download printables, including all kinds of variety of weight loss tracker printables, whether you track your weight in lbs, kgs or stone:

Goal Digger by Nicola

I also sell wall art in a variety of sizesΒ  so there’s sure to be something to fit that awkward-sized frame:

Goal Digger by Nicola

The most recent addition to my store is some pre-school learning resources, tried and tested on my very own pre-schoolers:

Goal Digger by Nicola

I would love it if you came and checked out my store! I have tried to keep my prices very reasonable but as a special thank you to my readers, if you use the coupon code SAVE15 then you save 15%. Look after the pennies, right?

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