The Pros and Cons to Being a (Mom) Blogger

(Last Updated On: 28/03/2023)

Over the last couple of years, mom blogs have gained momentum. With serious money in the game from ads, brand deals, and different partnerships, it’s no wonder creative moms all over the globe are taking the opportunity to share valuable content and make a living at the same time.

Has it been your life-long dream to quit your nine to five and pursue your blogging passion? Or has the recent COVID-19 outbreak made you look into alternative opportunities and side gigs to make an additional buck for you and your family?

Whatever the case, you would want to do decent research before jumping into any new endeavor, right?

Let’s help you understand if blogging is the right career choice for you. Read on to unlock the most important pros and cons of being a (mom) blogger.

Flexible hours

The number one reason most mom bloggers decide to switch careers and blog fulltime. With blogging, you get to pick your own hours while working from the comfort of your couch, a home office, or your bed, for that matter. This is especially valuable for moms of toddlers who get to arrange their working hours according to their little ones’ sleeping schedule. A major advantage when compared to working in any other industry.

Motherhood as a skill

Another significant benefit of blogging for stay at home moms is that they’ve got all the skills required for the position just by being a mom. Unlike pretty much any new position, you don’t need any additional training for being a mom blogger. As a mom, you’re fully equipped to share expertise on numerous niche topics without missing a post. Your life becomes an endless source of content inspiration as a mom blogger and also as an influencer on Instagram. A great way to organically grown your Instagram following is by using Nitreo. You can record your family journey from the moment you welcome your newborn child into the world until, well, pretty much until you become a grandma. 

The time is now

With the ridiculously fast development of new blogging and social media platforms to create and promote your content, it seems like there’s never been a better time to jump on the blogging bandwagon. You can find your ideal audience practically anywhere and turn them into your dedicated readers. Or, you can use your Instagram account as a primary blogging platform. Many bloggers are switching to Instagram and turning their IG posts into microblogs of their own.

New insight opportunities

Here we’re entering a blurred line of territory. Getting your ideas and thoughts out there means receiving a ton of feedback. For the most part, this is beneficial as you would get introduced to many new perspectives and possibly learn something new each time. Both about blogging and motherhood. However, the big disadvantage lies in the negative commentary you simply can’t escape. You’ll have to understand that you’re not everyone’s cup of tea. Instead of letting it affect you, focus your energy on engaging in a positive conversation, and nurturing a supportive and compassionate community.

The question of consent

Sure, you may think it’s cute to post anything from your baby’s first words to their first teenage emotional drama.

And your audience would appreciate your honest and authentic approach. But the most severe issue with this approach is the matter of how it will affect your kids’ future. Growing up with having their every milestone captured online may not bother them when they are little, but as they reach teenage years or even further into adulthood, this could possibly take a toll on their private and professional lives.

That being said, if you can find the right balance between making quality and original content while keeping your kids’ privacy intact, you should be able to avoid this pitfall altogether.

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