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FM World Australia: How To Join

FM World is a hugely popular company in the UK and in Europe, which sell a variety of products, but they are best know for their designer smell-a-like fragrances. FM World Australia has just launched down under so now is the perfect time to get involved, whether you want to buy their products for yourself or if you wish to take advantage of being an early adopter and start selling.

Looking to join FM world? It’s super easy, it only takes a couple of minutes and there are zero costs or obligations: click here to sign up.

I’ve answered below some of the most common frequently asked questions when it comes to how to join FM World Australia:

What is the difference between ‘Distributor’ and ‘Preferred Customer’?

A Preferred Customer simply means that you can buy FM World products at up to a 32% discount for your own personal use (which is what I do) and/or, if you wish, to sell on at the full RRP and pocket the difference (this is called “commission”).

A Distributor is able to do the above and also sponsor new member and build a sales team below them. This is the way to go if you wish to make good money from FM World, because not only do you earn money from your direct sales, you also earn money from the sales the people in your team make.

If you wish to sign up as a distributor, simply select the ‘distributor’ option on the form. It states that you need to buy a starter kit, but you actually don’t, I promise! So I would always advise that you select ‘distributor’ when you are signing up as it gives you more options.

How do I get started with selling with FM World?

Once you’ve signed up here, please fill in the below form and I will gladly send you some files that will help you and I’m happy to help if you have any questions – zero obligations if you decide that selling to other people is not for you. I will also send you an up-to-date list of fragrances (and their smell-a-likes) that you can refer to. Unfortunately I won’t be able to send you any documents if you sign up using a different link, so please ensure that you use this link when signing up.

Don’t forget to use your sign up incentive within the first 10 days

In your first 10 days after signing up there are loads of extra discounts of up to 30% on top of the already reduced Business Partner price! There are extra discounts on all kinds of fragrance, home, make up, body care products, so it’s a great time to stock up and grab bargains.

To see these extra incentives simply click on your shopping trolley icon and scroll down, after you’ve completed the registration process and signed in.

If I join FM World, do I need to sell to other people?

No, you do not have to if you don’t want to. I personally only buy products for my own use/as gifts for other people. You can sell to other people if you wish to in order to earn commission and points, but you don’t have to.

Can I get started right away?

Yes, once you have filled in the form you will receive an email confirming that your form has been received by FM World, and all you need to do is click the activation link.

You will subsequently receive a Welcome email with your username and a one-time password (don’t forget to change this). You then use your login details on the FM shop.

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