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eBay Discount Code – save money on all your eBay purchases

(Last Updated On: 21/08/2020)

Looking for an eBay discount code? I’ll cut to the chase – eBay do not do sitewide discount codes. However, there are still savings to be made – read on to find out how to get a guaranteed discount on your eBay purchase.

Check to see if there is an eBay discount code for the category you would like to buy from

eBay always have % discounts in certain categories/from particular sellers. Your first port of call should be the Deals page which will highlight these special offers as well as significant reductions in individual listings. You can use the search bar on that page to search within the deals for a particular item.

Don’t forget to check to see if there is a discount on the item you would like to buy

eBay will let you know – very subtly – if there is a discount code for a particular item. You must always remember to check for this because it’s easy to miss. Underneath the price information, look for the words “From only £X”. Click ‘Show me how’ next to this and it will give you details of a discount code which you have to then copy and paste when you reach the checkout stage.

ebay discount code

Haven’t managed to find an eBay discount code for the item you’d like to buy? Don’t worry – there are still savings to be made

There are two ways to save (or technically, make) money whenever you buy anything from eBay:


In case you are new to Topcashback, I wrote a blog post about how it works. In brief, simply click here to sign up to Topcashback, then type eBay into the Topcashback search bar. When you click through to eBay and make a purchase you will subsequently receive cashback in your Topcashback account. The amount varies but at the time of writing the cashback rates are 1.1% – not amazing, but definitely worth it, especially if you are making a large purchase. The great thing too is that if you are new to Topcashback and sign up via this link, once you’ve earned £10 cashback you will get a £5 bonus.

Nectar points

Did you know that you can earn Nectar points on every eBay purchase? You can earn 1 point per £1 spent when you pay via Paypal, and the great thing is that once you have linked your eBay and Nectar accounts once, eBay will always remember to accumulate your Nectar points. Trust me, it adds up!

If you already have a Nectar account, simply go to ‘My eBay’ in the drop down menu there is an option (at the bottom on a desktop) t o Collect and Spend Nectar points. Simply then follow the instructions to link your account. If you don’t already have a Nectar card, sign up here.


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