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DIY Fairy Garden on a Budget

My daughter has been captivated by the idea of fairies ever since we did a fairy trail on a day out last summer. There is something so special about her age (4) – she believes in magic and I want to keep that sense of wonder going for as long as possible. As such, I have been meaning to create a mini fairy garden for her ever since then, but when I’ve been looking online for bits and pieces to create one I’ve been shocked at the money that I would have to spend. So, is it possible to create a DIY fairy garden on a budget?

I’d actually begun to write off the idea because I was beginning to think that it would be impossible to create a DIY fairy garden without spending a fortune – I didn’t want to spend £50+ on something Lauren might only be captivated by for another year of two. I am always looking for cheap things to do with the kids as a parent, so I didn’t want to pay over the odds.

And then I stumbled upon Cherryz.

Have you ever, like me, wished for an online version of B&M/Home Bargains/Poundland? Well, Cherryz is the answer to your prayers.

At the time of writing, Cherryz has dozens of fairy garden items – as well as hundreds of other products that you’d expect to see in a bargain/discount store. I am obsessed!

Spending only £26 (which was reduced to £21 because I used this link to get £5 off my first £15 spend), here’s the fairy garden that I managed to create:

diy fairy garden

Pretty magical, right?

My daughter loves it, and I often catch her watching over it, looking to see if she can catch any of the fairies/gnomes moving about.

diy fairy garden

Not bad for a fairy garden on a budget, in my opinion.

cherryz discount code

Looking for a Cherryz discount code? If you register using this link then you get £5 off your first £15 spend.

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One thought on “DIY Fairy Garden on a Budget

  1. I love this. I am writing an article on indoor fairy gardens for children, with real plants. Thanks for the inspiration.

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