About Me

Hello, my name is Nicola, it’s lovely to meet you, thank you for dropping by my blog. If you love saving money, making money and living well on a restricted budget, you’ll feel right at home here. Here’s a little bit about me:

I have lived in Edinburgh, Scotland for many years but am originally a Geordie. I am a Chartered Accountant but since having my first child I have taken some time out of paid employment to raise them whilst they are little.  Before having kids – despite being an accountant – I didn’t use to think twice about treating myself to clothes, make up, beauty treatments etc, not to mention going out for dinner a couple of times a week. Budgeting was something I did at work, not home.

But now, like many stay at home parents, I am having to learn how to live on restricted means – not only have we added two extra mouths to feed (and bodies to clothe… these kids aren’t cheap…) in the last few years, we are trying to do so now on only one salary (not to mention now living in a bigger property which of course comes with a bigger mortgage).

I am really excited about sharing my tips on how we live well but frugally. I strive to live a champagne lifestyle on a prosecco budget!

Work with me

If you have a product or service that is a great fit then I would love to work with you – please get in touch with me.