Networking For Newbies – What You Need To Know

Networking For Newbies – What You Need To Know

Networking is something that can benefit you at any stage of your career. Whether you’re just starting out and need to get a foot in the door, or you’re looking to grow your business as an entrepreneur, networking is one of the ways to make it happen.

But getting started with networking can be a daunting concept for many people. Networking means connecting with people and having conversations, and if you’re a little on the shy side, this might not always come easy.

With the help of some networking tips for newbies, you can master the art of networking to help you build those connections and stand out in your industry. Read on to see how it’s done.

Get your calling card ready

First things first, if you’re going to start networking, then people need to know where to find you. Design a business card and get some printed – these will be handy to hand out at events, to friends and acquaintances or anyone else you meet in different places. 

Beyond business cards, you also need to work on your online business card. Your LinkedIn profile and website (if you have one) should be kept up to date and represent the best version of yourself. This is especially important if you work for yourself, or you’re a solopreneur, as this could be vital for finding clients or investors.

Find events that pique your interest

Networking events come in different shapes and sizes. Most are barely even labelled as a ‘networking event’ these days! Take a look at local events that appeal to your industry or interests, be sure to go early and be prepared to stay afterwards to get a chance to mingle and connect with others. From talks to workshops to training courses, you never know when a business event could turn into an opportunity to network. 

Learn how to network online

Online networking is another great way to meet people in your industry and boost your career. Building a strong online presence can help you get started, and then it’s a case of finding people to connect with. You could join local community groups on Facebook for people in your industry or those in your local area, giving you a handy forum to ask questions, share learnings and connect with others. Explore the different ways to network online and see how you can expand your connections. 

Enlist friends or colleagues and network together 

If you’re nervous about meeting new people, then why not enlist friends or colleagues to accompany you so you can network together? It can be much less daunting when you’ve got someone familiar by your side. If that’s not possible, it might be time to bite the bullet and just put yourself out there. Start by learning how to introduce yourself at networking events and push yourself to get talking to new people.

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Becoming a good networker can take some time, but once you start to introduce yourself to others, things will become easier. You may be a networking newbie now, but soon you’ll be a confident networker and enjoy events that could lead to the next successful step in your career.



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