18th June 2018: Weekly Money, Health & Life Goals

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Here are my goals for the coming week, I will check in again on Sunday to let you know how I got on.


Spend no more than £10 (excluding absolute essentials i.e. mortgage, utilities, petrol)
This may seem like an impossible goal, but I just did a huge grocery shop and the freezer is bursting at the seams so the plan is to run it down this week. Will be an interesting challenge, can’t wait to see how much change I have from my tenner at the end of the week.


Drink no wine
I’ve definitely been overindulging recently, which leads me nicely to the next goal…

Lose 4lbs

It’s a lot to lose in a week but trust me, I am so bloated right now thanks to too much prosecco, so as long as I stick to my plan, I should manage this.


Take the kids on a (free) day out
The weather has been so nice recently we’ve been guilty of staying at home most of the time, playing in the garden. It would be nice to have a change of scene.

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