July Goals – How Did I Do?

august 2018 goals

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At the beginning of the month I posted the goals that I set for myself for the month of July. Here’s how I got on with my July goals… bit of a mixed bag, I think


Stick to my grocery budget (£240)

I managed to sick to this, but only just, helped by being away on holiday for a few days. I actually think this is probably too tight a budget for us to stick to every month, now that my kids are both good eaters. I am considering upping it for August considerably to maybe £100 a week i.e. £400 a month.

End the month in a net saving position

Done! This was top of my list of July goals that I wanted to achieve. I am so proud.

Buy no clothes or make up

Slight fail… I bought a pair of trousers when I was shopping in Asda – must stay away from the clothes section next time! They are so lovely though. A huge improvement on my previous spending habits though. 


Drink 2 litres of water a day

I did this, thanks to buying a huge water bottle from Primark, plus the hot weather makes it easier to drink more.


Read two books

Fail. I only read one book, How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen – I would highly recommend it, so much useful parenting advice. Must get better at opening a book at night instead of flopping down in front of the TV. This should get easier now that Love Island has ended…

Travel somewhere new

Done – I spent a few days in Dubai at the beginning of the month. It was nice to have a break – first time away from the kids. It’s funny how 8am is now a huge lie in!

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