4 Tips For Buying Your Next Car

There is often a lot of discussion about whether or not it’s a good idea to buy a brand new car, and despite all the chatter about buying new over used, it can often be down to a personal preference. You simply want to own a car that hasn’t been driven by anyone except for you.

But before you dive headfirst into buying a new car, there are things to consider that can help you buy the right car, get the right price, and ensure you get a good deal.

Choose Your Time Wisely

When you buy a car, can be just as important as the one you buy if you want the best deal. Dealers often have targets to meet on a regular basis, meaning if you time your trip at the end of a quarter (the end of March, June, September and December), there is a better chance they will be looking to meet these targets to get their bonuses. This means you can walk away with a better deal, as dealers will be more eager to sell before the quarter finishes.

Choose Outgoing Models

If you’re not set on a model, it can be an idea to look at those models that might be discontinued or replaced by a newer one. If it has all of the features you need and meets your prerequisites for a car and, of course, you like it, an outgoing model can help you secure a better deal.

Know How You Paying For It

Before you start car shopping, know exactly how you will be paying for it and your credit score so you know you’ll be accepted when you find the right car. There are multiple ways you can fund the purchase of a vehicle. You want a low rate car finance deal to help you reduce how much you will be paying back, or you will need to know the differences between HP and PCP agreements and what each car finance option entails before you sign on the dotted line to make a more informed decision.

Never Pay The List Price

Haggling isn’t just okay; it’s expected when it comes to buying cars. This applies to both new and used vehicles. Always do your research and look around for what other dealers are offering so you get the right price and any added extras that might be thrown in, too.

If you aren’t too confident with your haggling skills, these tips can help you out,

  • Look for already discounted cars as there is likely to be more wiggle room, and the dealer is already accepting they won’t get full price.
  • Be prepared to walk away and allow the dealer to call you back if you cannot agree on a price.
  • Play different dealers against each other; they will always try to outdo the competition to secure the sale.
  • Be cheeky, not demanding. Build rapport with the dealers and see what you can get them to agree to sweeten up the deal.
  • Be firm but not rude. Know what you want or are willing to pay and stick with this, even if it means you might take a little longer to make the purchase.

There are multiple ways you can approach buying a new car, and these points can help you ensure you get the right car for you at the right price and not over the odds.


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